About Ellie

Ellie Reeves-Shearn BSc, PGCE

Penwith Area Manager & Licensee for Praa Sands

Ellie comes from a very strong teaching background of primary and secondary teachers, and following university, completed her PGCE to be a geography teacher at secondary school.
Ellie also has an extensive surfing background and grew up on the beaches of Cornwall, France and Spain during her summer holidays.  She has always enjoyed the water, especially the pool and learnt to swim at a young age. On completion of her PGCE, Ellie worked in a large local school for 10 years, getting involved in as many of the water activities she could.
During her time as a teacher, Ellie had 3 children all of whom have attended classes for at least 5 years, and all of whom have been Swim Academy record breakers!  It was with her first daughter that she joined Swim Academy in one of Sarah’s first classes back in 2008.  It was clear that Ellie and Tollana enjoyed the classes and it was a shame when she had to return to work, full time.  During this period, Ellie’s mum would bring Tollana, so we got to know the family well. Tollana, was our youngest to swim 25m unassisted at only 2 years old.

In 2009, Ellie gave birth to her second child, James.  Ellie was able to return to classes during her maternity leave and once again, showed great confidence with her little boy this time.  Unfortunately after 9 months she had to return to work, but also changed to weekend classes for periods of time to be able to continue swimming with us. James was the youngest boy to swim across the pool unaided at just 21 months old.

The big change came for Ellie in 2013, when she had her second daughter, Seija.  With Seija just 17 days old, Ellie was back at our swimming lessons and wanted to become more involved with Swim Academy for Babies. Seija is now the video cover baby on our homepage!  Little Seija amazed us all and swam all the way across the pool at just 18 months and 1 week old.

From the days when Ellie brought her eldest to our first classes Sarah had been determined to recruit Ellie, after 6 years of being head hunted, she completed all the qualifications and training and by the summer of 2014 she finally joined our team!

Quickly Ellie found a beautiful pool in Praa Sands and within a term had built up 2 full days of classes.  Ellie also offered to help tutor at the Penventon on Saturdays and Sunday’s and by the summer of 2015 was tutoring 4 days a week with Swim Academy for Babies as well as becoming a Swim Academy for Babies Licensee and Penwith Area Manager.

In September 2015, Ellie made a massive jump and left secondary teaching completely.  She is now a teachers assistant at her children’s primary school, enabling her to spend more time with her children and concentrate on building her business.  Alongside this she is training to be an accountant so that she can develop her business further.

Ellie is extremely committed to Swim Academy for Babies and continues to build her skills and qualifications to branch out in to other areas of baby swimming and antenatal classes, always looking for new venues and building bonds with babies and parents alike.

“The original idea of attending something special with my baby has developed into a dream.  Not only a dream to be closer to my own children, but also a job to be able to help and teach others to swim and bond, and to be able to share their special moments.  Ever since I joined Swim Academy for Babies back in 2008 I have enjoyed the bonding experience and learning techniques, with my own children. To be in a job where I can share this amazing feeling and to help young children to understand the water better has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. Swim Academy is not only about how to swim but is also establishing the fundamental holistic development of young lives; it a pleasure to be part of. Swim Academy for Babies is a very unique and exceptional experience, and one that I treasure.”  Ellie Reeves-Shearn