About Fiona

Fiona Myers MSc

Portreath Coastal Area Manager & Licence Holder

Instructors who teach for Fiona: Kate Penna

Fiona is the proud owner of Kernow Hydro, her own swimming pool which opened in August.   Fiona started swimming with Swim Academy for Babies at GwelanMor, Portreath with her daughter in 2013.  There was immediately something special about Fiona so Sarah asked her if she would be interested in training to teach.  Fiona launched herself into training and was soon running her own section of Swim Academy for Babies under license.  Fiona is qualified in just about everything, she relocated from Australia to the sunny shores of Portreath, leaving behind a successful rehab & coaching private clinic & day spa.  Mother of two and avid sports enthusiast she loves the water and is honoured to be part of your children’s learning process.

Fiona is a registered health care professional, STA/ SLSGB/ ASC coach, life guard, counsellor, rehabilitation specialist, nutritionist and NHS Health Champion with over 15 years experience, she is now running her own venue teaching Swim Academy for Babies classes under licence at Kernow Hydro. Fiona currently holds 3 Gold Medals & 1 Bronze for the Cornish Surf Life Saving Champs 2013.

“Teaching your babies and children a life saving skill for life is both a delight and a privilege.”

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