Junior Squads in Somerset & Cornwall

Junior Squad classes are available in Somerset and Cornwall for children aged 5-8 years (or from 4 years if you have a very advanced tot) and are exclusively available at Blackwater in Cornwall and St Audries Bay in Somerset.

These classes are independently owned by our Swim Academy for Babies Licence Holders and are not a part of Swim Academy for Babies, however they do offer the perfect continuation of your child’s swimming journey and are the only swimming development classes officially approved and endorsed by us, and you can book in via our website.

Blackwater Junior Squads
Blackwater Junior Squads are taught by Swim Academy for Babies Licence Holders, Stacey Smith, Hayley Boulden and Stacey French.  They welcome your children whether they are new to the water or have completed their journey with Swim Academy for Babies.  Class sizes are small (max 6) and will continue building on the foundations built in baby swimming classes.  Gentle progression is used to create happy confident and strong swimmers.

ALL classes are taught with the Tutor in the pool.  For the safety and  confidence building of your child there is absolutely no poolside teaching at Blackwater.

Classes are currently on Tuesdays after school.

St Audries Bay, Somerset Junior Swim Squad

Squads are headed by our Somerset, Bristol & Avon District Manager Eleanor Jones, who will warmly welcome you onto her fun and progressive swim programme.

The aim of the Somerset Junior Swim Squads is to further build on the water confidence and safety you have already learned at Swim Academy for Babies. The class sizes are small (max 6), with Eleanor in the water to help nurture and further develop happy, safe and independent swimmers.

Classes are on Sunday afternoons.


If you already swim with Swim Academy for Babies you will be registered and do not need to re-register to move into the squad classes, so please email your Tutor with your request.

If you are a new swimmer who has never swum at Swim Academy for Babies please click below to complete the enquiry form selecting either “BLACKWATER JUNIOR SQUADS”or “SOMERSET JUNIOR SWIM SQUAD”. Please use the additional information field to tell us a little about your child’s current swimming experience and ability.

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