Maternity Mermaids Aquanatal Classes

You can now start your swimming adventures before baby has even arrived!

Our new “Maternity Mermaids “Aquanatal classes are the perfect way to enjoy some proper “me” time where you can relax and unwind in a soothing, warm and comfortable environment.

Our Tutors are trained on an aquanatal swimming course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.  They also hold the STA Ante-Natal swimming qualification.

Swimming is recommended by midwives and physiotherapists as one of the best forms of exercise and fitness during and after pregnancy as it develops and strengthens large muscle groups, in particular those used as your tummy expands and during child birth.

The activities in our classes help to improve circulation and increases muscle tone as well as boosting your body’s ability to use oxygen.

Swimming reduces stress on your back and helps align the spine, shoulders and pelvis which is often out of balance during pregnancy.

The water helps to regulate and lower your body temperature whilst supporting your joints and ligaments. Our classes can be adapted to help support prolapsed discs and other back or pelvic issues.

Swimming when pregnant can help you to sleep better and can help to deal with the physical and emotional changes you will go through.

Throughout your sessions we will guide you through gentle exercises to:

-Combine relaxation with gentle cardiovascular exercise to help maintain your pregnancy fitness levels

-Bond with your Tutor who can then lead you into the baby swimming classes, baby will already know their Tutor’s voice!

-Familiarise your developing baby with the sound of water, making the transition to swimming a more relaxed experience

If there is an underwater photoshoot during your pregnancy you will be able to attend for your underwater Maternity Mermaid photo!


Aquanatal Classes start after Easter and will be taught in Penzance by Ellie Reeves-Shearn, and in Mullion by Kate Hare.

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