About Debbie

Debbie Mynne

Cornwall District Manger & Licence holder for Chycara Fridays

Debbie started swimming with Swim Academy for Babies at the Penventon Hotel with her daughter in 2009.  Debbie stood out, her skills and confidence were incredible and in 2010 Sarah approached Debbie to see if she would like to join the team. After intense training Debbie started teaching for us in 2011 and is now running her own division of Swim Academy for babies under license.

Debbie has always loved the water, from the tender age of 2, where she first swam independently. When she was 3, her family moved to South Africa, where swimming was a daily activity; both in the pool at school, home and of course the beach. However, it was not until they returned to the Uk a few years later that she started swimming competitively with her local team, travelling the length and breadth of the country most weekends – thanks to her parents dedication!

During her teenage years, she loved sailing, windsurfing and kayaking and continued this into University. Debbie graduated with an English Literature degree (Hons) and went on to successfully complete her SCITT – Teaching Training course.

Debbie went on to teach in a local primary school in Falmouth for a number of years before falling pregnant with her daughter Grace.

“It was then that I discovered the wonderful world of Swim Academy for Babies! Grace and I started swimming classes when Grace was 5 months old and we never looked back. Our lessons were definitely a highlight of our week and we loved our time in the water together, learning the valuable safety techniques and just enjoying mummy and daughter time.

I went back to work for a year after my maternity leave had ended but after a very stressful year and paying out ridiculous amounts for Grace to attend a nursery for 10 hours a day, my husband and I decided I needed to step down and enjoy life with our miracle child (it took us 10 years of trying before we got our bundle of pure delight). I can wholeheartedly say it was the best decision of our lives and Swim Academy was the icing on the cake when I was offered to train up with them and join the team!

I absolutely love the company and my job, it is purely dedicated to family life, which is perfect.  I can be there for my daughter, drop her off at school and pick her up, spending quality time with her after school but all the while, continuing to work (if you can call it that!)

Seeing parents and little ones enjoying their time in the pool with me is pure pleasure and the rapport with families is wonderful. I love my job!”

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Tribunal upholds homeopathic lifestyle and bodily autonomy in the right to determine whether to have Covid vaccination

Tribunal upholds homeopathic lifestyle and bodily autonomy in the right to determine whether to have Covid vaccination
In Paul

If anyone has a secret mobile phone hidden from an abusive partner, remember to switch off emergency alerts, or the phone will be activated with the loud alert on the evening of 23/04. I think this government action is misguided for a few reasons
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