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Rachel & Carey, Portreath classes

I also want to say a huge thank you for everything that you have taught Carey (and me!!) so far! I know that every mum feels the same about her child, but it makes me so proud to see Carey in the water as that was one of things that I wanted him to be

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Kristen & Cassie, Mullion classes

No one should miss out on the amazing experience offered by Swim Academy for Babies! It was by far the most enjoyable and rewarding baby/toddler activity we have participated in. My 2-year-old daughter is an accomplished, ultra-confident, enthusiastic swimmer, thanks to the superb instruction we received and the special parent/child bonding that is nutured throughout

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Lydia Biggs & Nathaniel, Portreath classes

“When I started lessons with Swim Academy for Babies, it was with my third child. I hated the water, avoided it at all costs, and, quite frankly was very scared of it! My sister encouraged me to try, and wow, I am so glad I did! It has given me, and of course, Nathaniel (who

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Vanessa HIll, Rosie & Alfie, Mullion classes

“Thank you so so much for all our swimming lessons. Rosie got pulled under a wave at the weekend and came up shouting “Reach,Reach,Reach” and went straight back into the sea. This is the reason we have the lessons, to be happy and confident but to respect the water, thank you so so much for

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Estelle & Ava, Portreath classes

“I would really like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put int, in teaching our little ones to swim. I am really glad we chose your classes, we’ve really enjoyed our little group and made some lovely friends.“

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Jenna & Lola, Mullion classes

“I can’t wait until next week’s session.Just emailing to say we will most definitely be returning next term to continue swimming. This was never actually the plan, I am due to return to work in February, but I have arranged to have Mondays off specially for the classes – they far, far, far exceeded my

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Sam & Isla, Portreath classes

“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to email to say thank you for the swimming lessons on saturday, both Harrison and Isla loved them. I cannot speak highly enough of swim academy and I am always telling everyone how fanatstic you all are! My first experiance was with Isla and Sarah’s lessons were so fantastic, her

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Emma & Elsie, St Ives classes

“Just to say I am very much enjoying the swimming and feel that Elsie and I have learnt so much from each session and not just about swimming. It’s been great for bonding!“

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Tribunal upholds homeopathic lifestyle and bodily autonomy in the right to determine whether to have Covid vaccination

Tribunal upholds homeopathic lifestyle and bodily autonomy in the right to determine whether to have Covid vaccination
In Paul

If anyone has a secret mobile phone hidden from an abusive partner, remember to switch off emergency alerts, or the phone will be activated with the loud alert on the evening of 23/04. I think this government action is misguided for a few reasons
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