Why is there no contact telephone number on this website?
We believe that our customers should deal directly with their own Tutor, therefore, once you have filled in our online enquiry form you will be contacted by the Tutor for your requested pool as quickly as possible. Our Tutors spend a huge amount of time in the water which means that receiving calls can be a little tricky at times! If you email us then your Tutor can call you (if necessary) when classes are finished. Once you are registered with us you will receive all our contact details including a contact telephone number.
Why are term fees not published on this website?
Class prices start at £11.50 depending on your venue. Terms vary in length in accordance with the school terms here in Cornwall. Once you have made your initial enquiry, your Tutor will come back to you with an exact cost from your start date.
Why do you only teach during term time and until early afternoon (2pm latest)?
We only teach during term time as all our Tutors have children at school or at pre-school/nursery and need to pick them up mid afternoon. Our swimmers with older children are also unable to attend during school holidays so we work around the majority.
How young can my baby start swimming?
Babies can start swimming from the moment their umbilical has healed. Mums need to have had their 6 week check before entering a swimming pool. Dads or other family members are welcome to start swimming with babies before they are 6 weeks old.
Does my baby need to be immunised before entering the swimming pool?
No, current NHS guidelines state that the vaccinations are no longer needed prior to starting swimming classes, for more information please click here
Does my baby need a wetsuit?
We do not recommend the use of wetsuits unless your baby really does feel the cold, after all, a happy baby will have far more fun than a cold baby! Our pools are all a comfortable temperature, so it is very rare that they will need one. We suggest trying your baby without one first and see how he or she gets on. We always recommend removing wetsuits once babies are fully mobile, as they can lead to a false sense of security. We do however recommend babysnugs or babywarmas for very small babies, or for babies starting when they are under 12 weeks old. Wetsuits are not recommended for pools of 34 degrees or more as your baby may overheat.
Can my baby wear a Happy Nappy costume?
Yes, with a Konfidence swim nappy (or equivalent) underneath. If baby is wearing a normal swimming costume then they must wear both a Happy Nappy and a swim nappy underneath.
Can my baby wear a normal swimming costume or trunks over a Happy Nappy?
Yes, but you still need a swim nappy under the Happy Nappy!
My child is potty trained, can I stop using swim nappies?
No, we require all babies and toddlers in all of our classes to continue to use the double nappy system, even if they are potty trained, as even a potty trained toddler can forget they need to go to the bathroom when they are having lots of fun! Toddlers may suddenly get upset tummies in which case they may not have the control yet to avoid an accident in the water. The double nappy system really is effective at avoiding leakages whilst preventing the spread of all sorts of nasty bugs which are carried in faecal matter.
Do you offer trial session?
No, we would be very surprised if your baby does not like his or her swimming classes. Some babies may cry for the first couple of sessions as they become accustomed to a new environment with lots of new faces and a new routine. When we start teaching babies to dive there may occasionally be some tears as babies get used to their reflexes. With our help and guidance and plenty of smiles and encouragement from us and from you, babies very quickly start to love the classes and going underwater, and indeed often initiate going under of their own accord! Our Tutors are all parents who have been through the “first Swim class” and the “first dive” experience, so we really do understand how nervous everyone feels the first time they swim with us. The best thing you can possibly do is to relax and smile as though getting in a pool is an everyday event – and it is great fun, so hopefully you will not be able to help smiling. We are all very experienced tutors who genuinely care about the happiness and comfort of each and every baby in the pool!
Do you offer refunds for missed sessions?
No, when you book a place you are booking a course, and are therefore committing to attend a set number of weeks on set days at set times. We cannot be held liable if you cannot or do not attend you class, as it is a place that could have gone to another baby who could attend. We would be grateful if swimmers could refrain from embarrassing our Tutors by asking for make-up sessions and refunds. If Swim Academy for Babies cancels a session then you will be offered a make-up session, or if a make-up cannot be offered you will be credited or refunded the session.
Can other family members come into the pool as well?
Please check with your Tutor first! Generally only one parent will swim with baby. Some pools are smaller than others, so in order to ensure everyone’s comfort we need to limit numbers in the water. We do not charge a supplement for both parents joining the class every now and again if there is enough room.
Can family members watch the class?
Yes, please ensure they are signed in at reception if there is one at your venue, not all venues have a reception. Please also ensure that shoes are removed at poolside or the blue covers (if available) are worn over footwear. Some people like to bring flip flops with them when they are watching from poolside.
Can other family members bring babies swimming?
Yes, of course. Most of our classes have Dads or other family members bringing baby swimming. We mention Dads specifically because it is a question we get asked a lot!
Can we take photos?
Please do not take photos from poolside or in the water without permission from your tutor and from all swimmers attending your class.
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