Jenna & Lola, Mullion classes

“I can’t wait until next week’s session.Just emailing to say we will most definitely be returning next term to continue swimming. This was never actually the plan, I am due to return to work in February, but I have arranged to have Mondays off specially for the classes – they far, far, far exceeded my expectations and it is, quite simply, my favourite past time with Lola! In fact, I think we spend more time together in the swimming pool than any other time. If she’s a bit moody, we go swimming and all is well! Thank you so much for last term, its fantastic to see the diffence in Lola from the first class until now. I took her yesterday and she managed to kick and go a tiny distance on her catamaran on her own 🙂 (I think the pool attendent was slightly shocked when I started ‘woooping’ and clapping randomly!) Thanks so much again.